1 Year, and 129 Days of Writing a Novel


It is now December, and the month is half over.

I am still sitting at the end of this latest chapter. My progress is now a terrifying death march forward. Words and ideas sticking out of the white screen like pieces of land after snowfall. I march forward to claim them. My story is legion.


Everything is pulling together. The end of the book is just past the horizon. An island on the back of a turtle. I have chased that fucker, seen it disappear, and now I know it’s dead. Because We’re gettin’ closer, and I’m the only one moving.

The next chapter is building itself in front of me like some sort of sentient Puzzle God. And yeah, we could sit here and chit-chat about the idea of whether you write a story, or a story writes you, but honestly even just typing that sentence was boring for me. But I will say this, I am very surprised at some of the stuff I see happening in the next chapter. Certainly there are things I never expected.


In French Toast news, I spent two hours with Sakroka last night. Since our first project is almost in it’s final stages of development, he asked me to explain the mechanics of our next game. So I flipped packets of sugar around on the table and laughed at how crazy the entire idea was.

I think we’re making something that’s never been made before, and it’s so exciting I smile now, just thinking about it.

2011 is going to be busy.


Todd Rogers