1 Year, and 54 Days of Writing a Novel



                                                              Welcome to October

Dear Reader,

it was exactly a year ago today that I asked you to join me on a train. We talked, had drinks, and watched the seasons change through the windows. It was October first, and I had just decided to NOT serial my serialized novel–to instead, take my time and write it the way I thought the story deserved. It was definitely the right choice, and I’m all the happier for it.

I’ve just finished the middle bit, and now I’m running down the other side of the mountain, racing toward the end. Everything is different now. Everything just clicks. The novel is really starting to take shape. It’s not just something being built..it’s something being finished. The body is there, and it’s much harder to NOT know what to do now.

The novel is well on it’s way to being finished by Christmas.


French Toast (my game design group) has been progressing silently throughout the last month. We have a fifth member now, I don’t know if I mentioned that. His name is John. We also hired an artist, and I’m in talks with another for the second game. (which we haven’t even worked on yet so hush, hush and don’t mention that I told you about it.)

I think this first game (formerly called Epic, now possibly called something else) is just a few short months away from being published and played by anyone with a lust for glory. We just need a few more get-togethers and photoshop sessions.


Todd Rogers