Spell Saga News


As I just messaged a few of you privately: This is a note to let you know that, as of next week, 3000 pounds of cardboard is being freighted across the ocean from Hong Kong and into my climate controlled home. Decks 1, 2, prelude, and all the extra cards are finally arriving in their brand new packaging. Then begins the fun part--sending everyone more than they asked for, and then sending every reviewer a copy to share with the world. I have spent the last month secretly play testing Spell Saga to make sure the correct instructions and videos will be ready for when everyone received their decks. It took four years to get this thing ready, and that ain't nothing compared to the years of product and ideas we have to share with you.

Thank you for not publicly disowning me or this project over the last nearly half of a decade. Some crazy updates and many packages will be appearing soon.


Todd Rogers