I have spent the last two weeks or so since the cards were getting prepared to be shipped from Shenzhen by ignoring my feelings and throwing myself into a dangerous amount of Good Ole Fashioned Hard Work. Most of what I've been doing isn't so much art as *secret things* ya'll don't know about, like Weatherguard Prizes and such for everyone who waited so god damn long for me to pull this project together. I talked to Cousin Lauren yesterday on the phone for a good 40 minutes,just pacing around the hot salts of a dilapidated parking lot, telling her all the secrets and listening to her opinions about them. And we talked a bit about the future too.

Spell Saga has a long life ahead of it, now that it can finally be born (unless the freight shipment falls into the sea, or customs declares fantasy gaming illegal) and a big part of that future is correcting the growing pain mistakes of the past. I spent this week looking at a game I posted online almost three years ago (before pulling it for for too many reasons).

Spell Saga ~realmwalker~ Prelude: science // armor // romance was a bit too hard, had some game-fucking typos, and was pointless without everyone having their Spell Saga cards from the 2014 Kickstarter. But now I have the chance to go back, make things a little prettier, change two (major to me, but you won't notice them) specific cards and even redo the Potion cards (strange things bother me and it is a relief to fix them). And I forgot about the writing on the item cards. Some of is is maybe the best I have ever slapped onto a PSD file. And there's humor in it too! Who knew?!

Looking back over the game it is really apparent just how much I was struggling with alcohol and gender, I knew about it at the time, but with a few years comes a sense of self and some righteous clarity. It also helps that I have not had a drink in 15 months. but who's counting?

...And yes, the rumors are true--it looks like we'll have holofoil realmwalker decks for sale--that's the ENTIRE deck in holofoil. Every. Single. Card. (unless that specific factory blows up or something, or there's an international 2019 holofoil shortage).

Spell Saga forever. More soon.


Todd Rogers