ITEM! The Grammar Knights Have Fallen


With the cards (supposedly) coming any day now (couldn’t be true) part of the last month of my life has been going through the VAST amounts of updates and comments on the (2?!) Kickstarters, to make sure every single thing I promised almost four years ago is either delivered, or replaced with something better (re: costs me more moolah to produce). One thing I was really hesitant about, and really cursing myself over, was promising an eBook of all my stupid blog posts and tweets from when I first created Spell Saga to when it was funded. I often hate myself, and publishing what I consider an instruction manual for others to do the same seemed ridiculous when outside of the furry of a fully funded social media fundraising campaign. But last night I sat down, and I started to read pieces I had written about my life during the year 2009. Before I knew it, two hours had passed and I was staring at a fully edited and formatted beginning of a manuscript. It’s embarrassing stuff to look at, to be sure. But I think it’s also really helpful too, if you’re someone who wants to make things, or suffering from metal illness, or the keep of the keys to seven-hundred bad choices in a row. I made a cover for the thing today, and then, because I could, I made a back cover, and then a spine. And now I have this mock-up which has seemingly appeared upon my screen out of nowhere. so I guess I’ll end up printing my transgressions to sell on at some point. A memoir that no one asked for, by someone no one knows. My god, what have I done? If you are wondering about the art, it's my Cousin Lauren drawing stuff for Spell Saga, and me having to pose for it.

Todd Rogers