Spell Saga News

Seven years ago around this time I was getting ready to drive to Gen Con with my buddy Sakroka to go and pitch Spell Saga to tabletop career key-holder Peter Adkison (founder of Wizards of The Coast). I had just spent three months straight trying to get the game to both work, AND look good (I was convinced I needed to design my own packaging).

Sakroka and I drove to Indianapolis on August 4th, of 2011. I was married at the time, or at least I might have been--she had told me it was over just days before the trip, and in my mind the fate of our vows was nebulous at best. I figured I could change my life in one swing--and by getting this game published it would change everything for me.

We drove back on August 5th, without a publishing deal and (at least in my case) a head filled with a growing sense of devastation.

It is now seven years later. I changed my life with one giant seven-years-long swing and got the game published myself, with the help of like, hundreds of people watching me from all over the world. I could not have done this without many of them--most of all without my Cousin Lauren, who provided an entire game's worth of artwork and more.

Yesterday a truck arrived at my house with fifty-something cartons of Spell Saga. My friend Josie and her friend Sarah helped me unpack everything and carry it up the steps into the living room I share with Meagen, the girl I met after the marriage feel apart, and a big part of how I was able to get my shit together enough to even attempt any of this.

It took almost four fucking years of manufacturing to get these boxes from a concept I shared with the world, to something sitting in my living room.

And now they're going to be sent out, and be a thing. a real thing. 

This is a nice blog post about dreams and things--but to be honest (and you know I always am) I can't even look at the boxes. it's like there's too much weight attached to them. I'll get around to dealing with my emotions. I'm sure one day I'll walk into my living room and the song "turn around bright eyes" will start playing, and I'll caress each carton of this fantasy card game with tears in my eyes. But man. It's gonna take like...a week.

I keep a lot of armor on this god-forskaen body. My heart is like the back of an Ankliosorus. Wait. Is that right? How do you spell this dinosaur.... (*takes break to Google) Aww GOD that's not it at all! 



Have you seen the Gary Shandling documentary--it's on HBO. It's like...amazing. But there's this scene where--their interviewing Bob Saget of all people, who was backstage after Shandling first did The Tonight Show. Appearing on that show was this guy's dream, right? And Bob Saget says that, afterwards, Gary Shandling came backstage and collapsed into his arms, crying, saying he didn't know what to do now, because that was his dream. And it was accomplished.

I felt a very similar feeling when those boxes arrived. I am--listen--I am excited (or rather, I will be) and I'm relieved. But it's the end of something and the start of another, and this damaged little middle-school heart just don't handle transitions all to well. I cant just "George Lucas" screen-wipe up tot he corner for the next scene of my life. I have to sit with these boxes. Like something that I did WRONG, and just process it. And I will. In fact, just writing this out did a lot for me.

I remember being at this book signing for some jerk, it was a Christian post-marriage book and the event was held in the cafeteria of a college I certainly did not attend (this was years before my own post-marriage crisis, when I was the age where you hang out with people you don't really know, and just go do things with them because you are young, and hoping to meet someone who might divorce you later). But I remember it really bugged me--because this guy, this author, went up on the stage and said that, after his book was published (and I use that term loosely), he just stared at this book on a shelf and was like "well...there's that." and that he felt NOTHING. And I judged him for years. And now here I am, talkin' the same shit.

but you know what? I'm as proud and embarrassed as I've ever been. And I can't wait to have Cousin Lauren fly down and autograph everything with me, and then send everything out and then--and THEN--start the long journey toward the end of this project. there's still plenty of more parts to design and print.

I hope you'll join us. We'll be thee, in the future, waiting for you.


Josie, her friend Sarah and I sat there and opened up the boxes with scissors (and, in Josie's case, the reflexes and nails of a feral cat). We are missing one of the items: The holofoil sleeves for Deck One: The Highlands, are nowhere to be found. It's a grievous error, but one that I can truly understand. I've reach out to our manufacturer (who worked with us to get everything right for over three years, including warehousing our stuff when they didn't have to)--in an attempt to see what we can do about this. In the meantime, we still have about 100 of those sleeves from two years ago, when I air shipped them over (which now, because o this, looking back is a godsend).

These sleeves cost a lot to make--but if it's a cost I have to eat then so be it. We'll see what happens. I'm fairly certain that everyone will have a chance to receive one. And if not--well, there's a lot of stuff being sent out that you don't know about yet. So please be very excited for out shipments to be sent out this October HELL OR HIGH WATER THIS OCTOBER.




Todd Rogers