With the cards about to be shipped from Shenzhen, I thought I would share a little something I am working on. There is a lot of stuff everyone is getting that they don't know about. I also wanted to share the following comment I left on the 2014 Kickstarter.

Pt. 1

Greetings, from the fabulous former fallout shelter of the former FTGco! As of this typing, somewhere far away (Shenzhen, China) Spell Saga is being packaged up to be shipped to me, so that it may be shipped to you! In preparation, I've spent the last week reading every single update, comment, and private message between the Kickstarters, in order to make sure everyone gets more than they ever planned on getting (if you got a package from us already, that's cool, but you're getting another one). Everyone is getting Deck Two, and some of you are getting much more than that.

I won't be making any crazy updates until said shipment arrives at the brand-new SUBHEATHEN castle (same old bread forge, but it's a new company name 'cause it's just little 'ole me). But I wanted to leave this here, split between several comments. it's a VERY detailed timeline of events from when the 2014 Kickstarter ended, to where we are today. In case anyone wants to ever make a game of their own, or wants a detailed analysis between the ratio of bad luck vs. bad decisions that goes into something like a four year delay on a project (and how to pull out of that downward spiral)

I'm just relieved to finally arrive to what I consider the beginning of Spell Saga's long journey ahead of itself. Growing pains are embarrassing, but a lot of good stuff happens between them. And If I could say just one final thing, it's that our manufacturer has been incredible. PANDA is the real deal. Would that every manufacturer be as incredible as them.

After the Fundraiser Ended,

~December xx, 2014 We are quoted the wrong amount of money from manufacturer. 
Three times. (easy to do). 
We changed the amount of cards so that’s on us
~December 16, 2014 Cousin Lauren finishes Deck Two ~ The Forest card art
~December 19, 2014 Deck Two ~ The Forest PnP released

~January 11, 2015 Do to a misquote, we need to create 18 new cards. 
The Wand & The Hero Potion are two ITEMS I said we would give everyone for free
The Rare Story card was announced and given free to everyone
The Places + pack was available to purchase through our shop spellsaga.com 
~January 11, 2015 All the card art for Deck One ~ The Highlands and Bonus cards finished
~January 14, 2015 Spell Saga contract signed and dated with manufacturer
~January xx, 2015 all 18 new bonus cards finished being created. 
~January 27, 2015, I spend several weeks redoing every single card for the printer. 
~January 27th, all bonus cards from 2014 Kickstarter are gifted as PnP files
~February xx, 2015 I begin to design The Prelude Deck PnP
We offered this during the 2015 campaign
Design starts to bend around Cousin lauren’s hectic school schedule
~February 02, 2015 store.spellsaga.com opens
~February 17, 2015 cannot move forward without word from digital prepress team
~February 18, 2015 Ship date slips from March to June due to the bonus cards being printed
~February 28, 2015 all cards and packaging ready
~March 01, 2015 digital prepress team gets back to us
~March 07, 2015 Packaging and cards redone abased on digital prepress teams specifications
~March xx, 2015 The wobble starts here
Shipping quote from factory was wrong. Affecting our budget. 
Kickstarter bonus content was planned poorly. Dumb. Affects our budget. 
Miscommunication and language barriers mean files have to redone continually. 
Long weeks spent doing nothing but Photoshopping causes me to pay myself. Dumb. 
We (think we) need money to send decks to reviewers. Dumb. Affects our budget. 
People keep asking us how to get copies if they missed Kickstarter
An indieGoGo is planned to coincide with launch of International PnP decks. 
~March 26, 2015 digital prepress team finds mistakes
Deck One ~ The Highlands ~ tuckbox need a larger bleed
Several cards are in wrong format (RGB v.s CMYK) 
One card was missing a bleed
~April 02, 2015 Prelude Deck is now being printed with it’s own tuckbox
~April xx, 2015 I start working with an Italian translator (failed attempt). 
~April xx, 2015 Prelude PnP design is nearly finished
~April 11, 2015 digital proof from manufacturer arrives online
~April 29, 2015 Manufacturer asks if Deck One will be shrink-wrapped into two decks
we said no, but this is why your copy might have come in two pieces inside the box
(not a big deal) 
~May 05, 2015 receive word from printer we were given wrong box sizes based on their prototype
~June 13, 2015 tuckbox templates are sent to us
~June 13, 2015 “white” prototype shows sleeve is wrong size. Manufacturer sends sleeve template
~June 29, 2015 IndieGoGo is launched and immediately cancelled/moved to Kickstarter
~June 30, 2015 2015 Kickstarter is launched
~ Prelude ~ Deck (English) PnP made available
~ Prelude ~ Deck (English) now being printed and gifted to all backers of both campaigns. 
Deck One ~ Das Hochland ~ (German) PnP available
translated by Raimund Ruppel over 2 years
All backers of Previous campaign bumped up a level
Deck 1.5 ~ The Undersky announced
Deck 2.5 ~ The Heart of The Roots announced
Paladin Level (one-of-a-kind handmade cards) announced
Heavenly level (one-of-a-kind handmade decks) announced
~June release date slips to September
~July 08, 2015 final (not final) Deck One box art finished for printer. 
~July 09, 2015 final (not final) Prelude Deck box art finished for printer. 
~July 10, 2015 all redesigned boxes and cards for Prelude deck now uploaded to manufacturer
~July 13, 2015 first shipping by freight estimate arrives from manufacturer
~July 20, 2015 2015 MYTH cards announced
~July 20, 2015 official timeline of Spell Saga (all the planned games) announced on 2015 KS
~July 22, 2015 digital prepress time finds more mistakes
Several cards are in wrong format (RGB v.s CMYK) 
The boxes will need to be redone once more to make bleed match better
~August 02, 2015 Fever Games starts translating Italian Spell version of Spell Saga
~August 13th 2015 - first ever pre-production prototype overnighted from shenzhen
~September 01, 2015 new contract signed with manufacturer. Game now less expensive
~September 05, 2015 Shipment window slips from September to November
I give out my phone number to every backer. 
~September 05, 2015 first three MYTH cards now being printed & gifted to backers
~September 05, 2015 Deck One ~ As Teras Altas ~ (Portuguese) PnP available
translated by Dual Pistoleiro over 2 years
~September 21, 2015 second digital proof from manufacturer arrives online
mistakes are found in digital proof (this is what it’s for) 
~September 30, 2015 third digital proof from manufacturer arrives online
~October 05, 2016 Spell Saga begins mass production in Shenzhen, China
~October 25, 2016 Design work begins for Spell Saga ~realmwalker~ PSAR PNP
~November 24, 2015 Manufacturer has questions about holo foils
~November 30, 2015 we receive the first ever printed edition of Spell Saga from manufacturer
package comes with prototype laser-printed holofoils and holosleeve
the holofoil sleeve is gold and we our fault, so we pay for correcting the error
~December 06, 2015 Spell Saga ~realmwalker~ PSAR PnP is released
~December 13, 2015 we pay to have the gold holofoil sleeve material cut into blank cards
for Paladin Level handmade cards
~December xx, 2015 All cards are now printed except holofoils
~December 22, new blank silver holofoil sleeve arrived via overnight delivery
~December 22, 2015 We receive silver holofoil sleeve test printing of Deck One
~December xx 2015 Holofoil issues. 
Factory cuts holofoil cards at wrong size w/slightly discolored backs. 
(That's on us, holofoil stock is darker and we should have prepared our colors better) 
(they offer to reprint the entire holofoil on their dime and we said no they look great)

Pt. 2

~January xx, 2016 Spellsaga.com is updated daily with new articles
(this idea is soon dropped) 
~ January 08, 2016 We receive the second manufactured Spell Saga copy including holofoils
holofoils are cut wrong, too large to play with other cards
holofoils have wrong colored backs (too dark to play with) 
packaging looks somewhat horrendous
we wait to sign final contract until negotiations for fixing content go through
~January 14, 2016 manufacturer finds problem in card sizes and offers to recut them
~January 26, 2016 2nd manufacturing proof arrives with recut holofoil cards
these cards are damaged
another proof will be sent to determine if damage was caused from shipping or cutting
~February 16, 2016 Spell Saga Italian edition box finished
this becomes new packaging for entire line going forward
~February 23, 2016 we decide to pay out of pocket ot airship 200 units for backers (dumb) 
This way we can fulfill orders while fine-tuning product
The pricing for this made sense at the time
Manufacturer offers to reprint holofoils if these 200 units look damaged
~February 29, 2016 Deck One ~Gli Altopiani ~ (Italian) PnP available
Translated by Emanuele Pierangelo over 5 months
~March 15, 2016 I decide to pay for Deck Two ~ The Forest ~ on my own dime
~March 15, 2016 Spell Saga ~realmwalker~ PSAR now offered on Gamecrafter.com 
~March 16, 2016 pricing for airshipping 200 units goes up 400% 
we still decide to do it (dumb) 
~March 21, 2016 We pay to have the packaging reprinted to match the Italian packaging
The packaging we had previous is now referred to as zero edition. 
There are only 302 zero editions in existence
The zero edition packaging was deemed not suitable by me for branding purposes
~April 02, 2016 Spell Saga makes it’s Italian debut at PLAY fair through Fever Games
~April 14, 2016 we receive a new quote to redo the packaging
~June 23, 2016 we realize we need 300 zero edition units airshipped, not 300
manufacturer above and beyond helpful with this
everything costs money. every decision. whether good or bad. 
~June xx, 2016 Spell Saga ~realmwalker~ PSAR is removed from Gamecrafter.com 
A typo was found that made game impossible to win (dumb) 
The packaging was deemed not suitable by me for advertising/branding purposes
~June xx, 2016 store.spellsaga.com temporarily closes
~July xx, 2016 Work begins on Spell Saga ~ realmwalker ~ The Discordant Shore PnP
~July 06, 2016 300 zero edition units arrive at doorstep
~July 05, 2016 factory-cut holofoil card stock arrives for the (handwritten) Paladin Level cards
~July 11, 2016 Deck Two Holofoil sleeve designed
~September 20, 2016 Brand New Rulebook w/walkthrough is released after weeks of work
~September 24, 2016 we cannot print new packaging or deck two until remaining balance paid
this affects our plans to ship out the newly received 300 zero edition units
funds are now being pulled in two different directions (dumb) 
~October 01, 2016 manufacturer heroically agrees to warehouse product until balance is paid
~October xx, 2016 the first waves of the 300 zero editions begin to ship out
Most packages have to wait for Cousin Lauren to autograph them, 
her package was delayed by a hurricane
~November xx, 2016 post office gives us wrong shipping costs
the 300 units will now cost double to ship to backers
~November xx, 2016 Cousin Lauren’s autographed sleeves arrive, shipping can now begin
~November 28, 2016 Shipping dates for all 300 zero edition units are announced
End of December
~December xx, 2016 I lose both my jobs. My wife loses hers. 
All plans for shipping and Deck 2 start to wobble. 
~December 29, 2016 Work begins on Spell Saga ~ Deck 1.5 ~ The Undersky

~March 08, 2017 Final funds for project are wired to manufacturer
New packaging and deck two printing now okay
~April 25, 2017 final contract for new packaging and deck two printing is signed
~May 22, 2017 Shipping dates for the rest of the 300 Zero Edition units is moved to July 2017
~May 28, 2017 After 10 months of slow progress, Deck Two ~ The Forest ~ is redesigned
~June xx, 2017 Cousin lauren draws cover to Deck Two ~The Forest ~ 
~June xx, 2017 Design begins for box of Deck Two ~ The Forest ~ 
~July 06, 2017 it is decided to pay manufacturer a monthly fee for warehousing our product
(more than fair) 
~July xx, 2017 shipping dates for the rest of the zero editions slips
From July to whenever final product arrives
~July 31, 2017 box and holofoil sleeve design uploaded for digital pre-press team
~August 06, 2017 - Deck 2 is finished being redesigned
~August 10, 2017 all of deck two’s files uploaded for digital pre-press team
~September 25, 2017 all the packaging is wrong sized. Manufacturer templates wrong. 
New templates sent to us. 
~October 10, 2017 new packaging redesigned and uploaded to digital pre-press team
~October 17, 2017 digital pre press has approved and readying a digital mockup
~October 17, 2017 box sizes still wrong, manufacturer wants a bigger bleed
~November 01, 2017 All Spell Saga pre-print files (deck 2 and new packaging) approved
~November 16, 2017 Prototype printings for Deck Two cards & new packaging arrive
~December 19, 2017 much confusion over the repackaging

~January 19, 2018 the confusion over the repackaging is finally cleared up over many emails (understandable) 
~January 23, 2018 repackaging the reprinted packaging incurs a new unforeseen cost (fair) 
~February 01, 2018 renewed contract signed for cost of labor
~March 20, 2018 carton marking requested and sent for freight shipping
~March 23, 2018 First production copies of Deck Two w/holofoil sleeve arrive
With new packaging for Deck One & Prelude Deck
~March 30, 2018 mass production of Deck Two ~ The Forest ~ and new packaging begins
~March 30, 2018 new shipping quote for freighter is lower than expected
~June 05, 2018 The final deposit and shipping is paid to our manufacturer
~June xx, 2018 packages are shipped by freighter
from Shenzhen, China to Nashville, Tennessee in North America.

Todd Rogers