8 months, 3 Weeks, and 3 Days


Let’s see, Last Saturday, I finished (yes!) the latest chapter of my novel, and nearly five months of toil and despair is over. It’s good. better than good, really. it’s the best chapter in the book so far.

It makes earliest parts of the book seem awful, which means that either I’m getting a lot better at this whole novelist thing, or my standards are lowering at an alarming rate.

It really is sort of magical though, now that I’m reaching the middle of the story, everything I type seems to alter the beginning, and maybe even the ending.

But, oh my goodness. that last bit was so hard. I’m looking back now, at some vile peak of terrain. Wondering how the fuck I’m still alive.

Pure magic, of course, pure magic.

Last night, at the library, I began the next chapter. I took a green ink pen, and wrote down everything that I wanted to happen, in what I felt might be the correct order.

Now, I’ve left it, all typed out on my computer; where hopefully, it will act as a lightning rod, and help me gather the rest of the story.


Todd Rogers