9 Months, 3 Weeks, 1 Day


…since I started Writing this novel.

At 2:00 am on Sunday, I had an epiphany. The scene I was stuck on in this chapter just wrote itself, there, in my head. It was one of those unexpected very magical moments which only happen at 2:00 AM

As a child, this would have been a dream about falling. As a young man, it would have been a kiss from a stranger. Now, as an adult, it’s little stories connecting when I least expect it. Little moments which make the back of your mouth taste like stars and pixie dust.

Also pixie sticks. Because they used to be pretty great, and I’ll bet some of those flavors still hold up.


Sunday morning,  I awoke to the sound of an alarm, screaming a high pitched and unfamiliar whistle. My first thought was born of panic, sleepiness, and pitch-perfect reasoning: My home had been built with some sort of tornado alarm.

When the alarm died, it took with it the power, and plunged me into silence. I assumed a tornado might still be prowling just outside. Possibly hiding beneath the porch, waiting for me to go outside and check. Grade-school logic continued to overcome, and I decided to open a window. (Looking back, I’m surprised I didn’t just hang a mirror outside of the house, to scare the tornado off with its own reflection)

In reaching for just the right sort of box to hold up a window (not just any box would do) I slipped on the dust behind our television, and tore a gash through the bottom of my foot as thick as a banana peel. After this, I pushed the bed into the middle of the room, (Where the storms couldn’t reach) and fell asleep, my foot bleeding profusely into a sock held tight with rubber bands.

Hours later, I awoke. Nashville was out of power, and flooding.


It’s been two days. I hope Everyone is alright.


Last night I stayed out late, writing at the Library. It was brilliant. The whole chapter and the next one began to stitch themselves together quickly. I even deleted four previously written pages, happily, to make room for the new things going on.

Today, I wrote a few more notes for myself, and realized just how close this story is to being finished.



Todd Rogers