A Very Bloggish Sort of Blog


Let’s see, Saturday afternoon was spent mainly in the arms of a passionate manuscript, as it writhed and shivered beneath me.(In this analogy, the manuscript is a mechanical snowman, and my probing hands are merely that of the artist, fucking a mechanical snow man.)

No, the writing goes well. (As well as a very unfinished manuscript can go.) I suppose it could be going terrible, now that I think of it. But if progress, and cold–yet fanciful!–calculation is any measure of success, than I can say with all honesty I’m moving along, at a quickened trot of mediocrity.


Monday I ran across a quote by Stuart Adamson from Steel Town’s liner notes. I’ve known for a few weeks now what my next novel is going to be, and I’ve even started a few lines of it in a sort of scribbly-scrobbly handwriting. I also knew, that I wanted to start it with a quote from one of his lyrics, so this liner note is a welcome find.

That night, my eyes and head throbbing, and vision growing dim, I laid down on the couch and closed my eyes. I wanted to think about the chapter I’m most currently stuck on. Thoughts began to flitter, and wander.

I awoke with a start.

For the second time this month, an adrenaline boost knocked my thoughts out of order, and I realized what happened next in the story. Which–even without writing a damn word of fiction, made this the most productive Monday so far this year.


Todd Rogers