November 23, 2009


A post, for you, and for me, in rancorous celebration of my good health. It seems that I have finally shrugged off the dark cloak of mononucleosis. If you have a drink in hand, you may clink it against your screen, and say a toast, or favorite line of lyric. But make sure it’s appropriate, I can’t tell you how many Proper Functions I’ve ruined with a line from In A Big Country.


For those without a drink, but eating a hasty breakfast, it’s alright to just whisper a “cheers’, or clink that cinnamon toast against the screen in good spirit.


The novel has reached a Good Place, and as such, I feel like talking about it. Perhaps, if we are careful, it will not hear about this,
…Will not rear its ugly face and kill us all.


I spent nearly all day yesterday holed up in a library, and then my living room, finishing the SHIT out of a chapter. It took me weeks. And of course–it’s still shit.


There’s a Marvel comic where Mr. Fantastic (he’s the guy who can stretch his shape, remember?) Stretches his god damned MIND, in order to use psychic powers. I feel like that’s a good description of me, trying to finish these last two chapters while stuck in the throes of a passionate Kissing Disease.


So, there’s another chapter done. And it’s better than it was, and different than I planned, and I am happy.


Todd Rogers