Cracks & Premonitions

August 2009


And I am not, dear friends, quoting AC/DC, nor the lyrics of Fleetwood Mac; and above all else, I am certainly not referring to a fictional mashup of the two.

“Thundah!/Only happens when it’s raining/nananananana”)


This morning, I awoke to thunder. Like a beast of the earth had jumped the Atlantic and landed outside my window. The house shuddered, and my eyes shot open, wondering why I had left the backyard, and the people, and everything else of the dreams.


Yesterday I took all the notes related to the Serialized Story and gathered them together like the bones of an animal. My fervent belief is that if I cast them across a table with a pen in hand, I (yes!) will be able to transcribe the plot holes and mysterious bits down into one clairvoyant document.


Todd Rogers