I’m still trying to find the right way to do this. I don’t really see a reason to post more than one lengthy blog a week, and yet I hate diluting my adventures into a past tense.

Blogger: The Eternal Struggle.

The middle of February has come and gone, leaving me with gifts and seasonal celebrations, before cracking it’s whip and dashing off into the night once again.

Dates and memories are important to me. They mark the passing of time. Some days I feel as though all the moments of my life are precious stones that I’m dropping down a bottomless well. Sometimes I hear them crackling down the bricks in the darkness; forgotten moments echoing back up towards me.


I don’t think a day has gone by lately that I haven’t listened to all, or nearly all of The Crossing. For more Scottish wonder, might I refer you to this? An item I would definitely search the whole world over for, had I not already found it safe in my own possession. Look! here is the first track to get you started: ***All in all in all is all*** I promise, you will listen to it many, many times over.


I mentioned last time we spoke, that I was about to finish a bit of writing, and indeed I have. I cut the chapter in half where it needed to be–where it begged to be. The very space between paragraphs crying out to me, as I stared at that vast white snow like a confused King Solomon.

If I cut my son in half…I would have two sons…

So I finished a chapter. Technically. (Though, can I just say: going back and ending something in the middle like that stripped away that pulse pounding orgasm I’ve become accustomed to?) Finishing chapters is a body-jangling-high that I can’t fucking go without for more than a month’s time.

I’ll even find myself walking into bookstores, dressed conspicuously, …cracking other people’s books open and pawing at their endings. Whimpering as I pretend those last sentences are mine.

There’s one more scene left in the next chapter, and the it’s on to greener pastures I have only dreamed of.


Todd Rogers