Happy Birthday Novel


As I just posted on Twitter:

According to Twitter: I have been writing this novel for 1 whole year, as of yesterday. #Writing #ohmygod #missed anniversary #proud&whatnot

I feel an overwhelming sense of …sense. An eyes opened, slow breathing Chorus-Swell of excitement.

I am listening to The National's "Terrible Love", accordingly.


(That was me, just then, typing along to the final piano hits in the song.)

I think taking this last three weeks off to to work on the card game was a God Send. Not being able to think of my Writing has caused it to sort of grow, in a chrysalis state. As if it were hanging upside down from my thoughts, forgotten, in a sticky silk cocoon.

And now, this…the knowledge that I’ve been Writing the same story for a year. Never before in my life have a I felt–it’s overwhelming. I feel like a Father, talking about his kid. So I’ll stop just now.

I feel good. I feel really, really good and lovely.


Todd Rogers