Hello World

November 13, 2009

The novel is still being written, though I haven’t touched a word of it since last weekend. (And well, you know, these things take time.) I think getting sick for so long was both a curse and a boon. It forced me to slow down–which knocked me off balance–but also forced me to take time away. When I returned to those shallow banks, I found them much deeper than I remembered. I crept in at a loss, but found I had become a much better swimmer.
Still, there’s that terrible current…
and a sea monster.

And I’m not sure but it seems as though there’s no small amount of pale hands reaching toward my feet.

What else? Oh. I spent last Saturday night thinking of a story, and when I woke up the next day I began to type it. Hours and hours later it was apparent I had the rough swiss-holed-draft of a comic book. It is something I am really All Smiles about. It’s a comic book, yes, but it’s not one I’ve read before.

Todd Rogers