Hey, it’s comin’ along.

my graphic design novel Welcome Home, You Lowdown Caballero! is seven pages mostly finished, with about at least countless others to go. The original scripts were about 132 pages, the prose version was about 260 unless I miss my mark. Combining them into this third thing has caused some interesting moments. I’m going by the original 2007 scripts in terms of pacing. Some of the pages have started to combine, so I would imagine the final thing at around 100 or so pages. 

I have to start going faster…three pages a week average ain’t gonna do it. Look at those pages! I am as excited and surprised as you. 

Here is a good post about the name Morgana Cander.


For the color proficient and gifted, The above are lo-res screenshots of very layer heavy CMYK PDF files. Getting them to look right on Tumblr is a chore, so screenshots they shall be.

Lots more to do. Today I researched the names of the family Emilio, after deciding my original ideas were from a 23 year old kid with no cultural understanding outside of black hoodies and womens’ jeans.

Todd Rogers