I am listening to one of the best songs ever, and it’s 2000 all over again. I’m at a coffee shop photoshopping a game for an awaiting public. I am thinking about the music I have to make now, now that I know I can. I am thinking about two years ago, starting a blog where I told the world I made things. And the people that heard me, and changed my life so much for the better.

It is cold outside. I am wearing headphones. Listening to Matthew good band. The same thing I was doing 16 years ago, as I doodled genies and demons instead of homework. In a trailer my school installed for the overflow of your kids being taught to be adults.

I told Meagen lately I’ve been getting flashes–there feelings that everything is the same as it was when I was young and excited. It’s still just after school, it’s still Saturday morning. Like time was alive and had a flavor, feel and purpose. And maybe it’s always been the way I felt it back then, and it was only my perceptions that changed.

She said the feelings might be appearing because I’ve been cutting off so many vices. No alcohol or sugar. Like I didn’t need anything when I was a kid to feel the way I did, and that ability is coming back without something to call it artificially.

Meagen is often right.


Todd Rogers