I’m still in the middle of this chapter. I feel a bit less lost, each and every day. Is there a better way to write that sentence? It seems so. Thank-God this is only a blog, and not something important, like a novel, or sorry-for-your-loss text-message.

Maybe this is because I’m so new at this, but it’s definitely been the first chapter I’ve started a few different times, unsure of what the fuck I’m doing. I suppose it’s the middle of the book though, and maybe that’s common. In jumping from a first act, to a second act, I’ve fallen down and scattered my knapsack of tricks and baubles.

I suppose the last few pages of shit-type were me just finding my compass.

A few night ago I was completely at a loss for why something happened in the book. I mean, I knew it happened. It had to happen. There was no damn reason WHY, but I knew that it did. And I just went with it.

It was snowing outside. And dark. My car slipped on a patch of ice.

And that’s when it happened. My brain clicked and spun like some ancient clockwork horror–and I suddenly exactly what I was writing, and why scene made sense.

Crazy, right?

I tried to recreate the accident a week later, and hit a cathedral filled with laughing children.


Todd Rogers