I’ve never done this before, but here is a 6 episode photo essay of my process for The Novel, also known as Merry Men; also known as the thing I have been writing for like, a decade. 

I’ve been stuck on the same chapter for over a month, until today when I realized how to break the spell. The last time I sat down to write my through the bramble the result was a cohesive understanding of what the fuck I was doing.

(((an insect literally just crawled out from a ket as I was typing.)))

I’m someone who likes each paragraph to sort of have it’s own reasons for being in the narrative. Figuring out which sections of the chapter were plot catch-ups or plot advancement really helped.

I’ve known for awhile the second half of the chapter should be through another character’s perspective. We have two people, who do not trust each other, walking through snow. And both people happen to be strange echoes of each other. Soul mates, basically. So I realized today that I could go in and copy the notes for the first half (The Martian) and use them for the second half of the chapter (The Elf).

Along the way I listened to a song I nearly always do while writing, and kept my month’s worth of ‘other notes’ close by. The result of all this is a plan I am really happy about.


Todd Rogers