Last Week


It’s so fucking hot here. And by here, I mean “Earth”.


I went for a walk, but it was so hot that day.

My brain–it started to shake. It felt like a witch, with Bugle Chips on her fingers, had reached inside my scalp and rattled my brain. 

I began to black out.


I spent the rest of the week hiding in shadowy alcoves. I took cold showers. I held ziploc bags of ice against my skin.

I stayed out of step from rays of sunshine on linoleum floors.

I began to grow afraid of the sun.

I refused hot meals. Drank water too cold for my throat.

I knew if I didn’t stay freezing, my head would explode.

That the sun would finally get what it wanted,

my cold dark heart.

I spent Friday in the Emergency room,

being stuck with an IV that tasted like liquid glass.


Todd Rogers