Holy Shit. It’s 2018.

Time continues to teach it’s lessons, and I am finally beginning to learn from things like repetition, growth and accidental clairvoyance. I started a pattern three years ago this month, during a moment of my life where I feared for what little was left of myself. A person can be a lot of things in their life, but I’ve been mostly lost.

One thing that continues to shine in the darkness is the light of what I Am Meant to Do—like the last rays of the sun blinking across the wish on a coin, as it flips slowly through the water to the bottom of a fountain.

I am meant to make.

But how I go about making things, and how I treat those who care about “What I Make” are things I need to start paying attention to. Having an idea does not a genius make. Promising something means nothing.

The Patreon is going away. I think it’s an amazing platform but (for right now at least) I am not wired to make art on a subscription based level. I would really like to thank everyone who gave me money to survive and faux-florist over the years, but it’s not me. I’ve tried podcasts, videoblogs, and all the other stuff, and in the end. I fucking hate it. When you start making art, you copy what has come before. I did the same thing with social media and self presentation. I’m not so ashamed of it, but I know where I’m at now. You can still see me make things on instagram and my website. I’ll be around.

But I would like to quit the bad habit of announcing projects before I even start them—it’s selfish, I do it for my own psychic high but there’s a better ways to psyche myself up for something (y’know like…making the thing).

Other things are going away too.

French Toast Gaming Co. is dead. The funeral pyre will be seen as hundreds packages ship out to everyone who waited so patiently for Spell Saga to arrive.

And yes. Of course. yes. yes. yes. Everything from the original KS is still being made and shipped. All the promises, three years later. It’s all still happening in the next couple of months*

*I just spent the last several days exchanging meticulously detailed emails with our manufacturer. Everything that hasn’t been printed (new packaging, deck 2) is about to go to press in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, sometime in the next week or so.

But FTGco is Dead.

And yet, Be ye not afraid!—that fire will light other things. And the games—at least those I designed (Spell Saga, EPIOCH, And Away) will go on to live a new life. If 2018 is going to be different (and good god-i-don’t-believe-in, it is!) then my choices, patterns, and artistic mutilation of the self need to be different also.

Spell Saga needs to become something better. It deserves it. Not because I made it—but because it’s good. And because Lauren and I worked so hard on it. And maybe even more importantly, because really like it. And if I’m going to drop the ball on something I would rather it be something else, like my diet (LOCAL GAME DESIGNER AFRAID TO CLEAN SHAVE FOR SHAPE OF FACE!!!).

So FTGco burns, but the things I made continue to live a new and better life, in an artistic paradise called SUBHEATHEN.

SUBHEATHEN is short for Suburban Heathen. It’s sort of joke (just for me, so…a BAD joke) but everything I make is something that, growing up, my parents wold have condemned and banned as evil from our home. Now they text me with pride and share my things on the internet. (that’s character development!).

SUBHEATHEN will be my castle, and my weapon; my shield when need be.  But SUBHEATHEN will be where all my music and games and thingamajigs go. Anything I started in the last ten years will be finished under that black banner. (Except in the circumstance of someone else might like to publish something RE: the novel or my band, EFFORTS).

Spell Saga turned eight years old last month, and everything else continues to age unfinished as well. It has taken me years to crawl out of every hole I made for myself, and these bruises ain’t even done been’ collected.

But I’ve been moving forward, spending a all my time, money, and energy to bring about my endeavors. And it’s time to let everyone know.


it’s just a link to a blog right now, but the store will be up shortly, as soon as everyone has the things I promised them (including the WHYLC rune boxes!).

In the meantime, the first SUBHEATHEN release of 2018 has already occurred:

Me and my buddy Geoffrey released an EP on New Year’s Day. It’s up on both Bandcamp & Spotify. I’ll write more about what it is and how it came to be soon, but I hope you’ll check it out if’n your so inclined.

Happy New Year, everybody. Please expect a lot of wishes and promises fulfilled, a ton of new music, games, and stories, and probably an embarrassing blog post or 30.


Todd Rogers