All stories start in the desert.

There is a man who has wandered for years. 

Below a verdant moon.

He is searching the desert.

For a way to the moon.

These are the first 41 playtest cards for a brand new type of game.

I have mentioned this before.

The only way I could take a month off of Spell Saga and just fucking relax was to not think of Spell Saga. And the only way to not think of Spell Saga was to make another game. I guess.

It was an accident.

I don’t know when this will be done. Or when it will be available to mere mortals. And I think the game will boil down and leave me alone by the end of the year. I still need to fucking relax a bit before Spell Saga shows up naked at the foot of my bed this January.

I am also watching lots of old kung-fu films and bothering Meagen as much as possible. Free time can be terribly unsettling until you’ve eased into it.


And her’es the original demo I—41 cards? I cold have sworn there were only 25. Well I certainly have less and even more work cut out for me. Different work. The rest of the story needs to fit in 59 cards. I can do it though…I have notes.

No, the final game will not look like this. Now I have Peter’s beautiful art to mess up my terrible designs.

Todd Rogers