My Goodness, Victory.


Looking back over the last few months of entries I think we’ll find that I was drowning under the black skies of the middle of a novel.

But I made it. Here I am.

Not a week after finishing up the last few chapters, (the two that took five god damn months) My body was wracked withe sort of stress that happens after Five Months of worry.

At first I wasn’t sure what I was experiencing. Spring Allergies? To be sure, but something else as well… I was falling asleep mid-day, waking up angry, and falling asleep to all sorts of nightmares. Little movies that would last too long, where everything was about saving things I couldn’t save, and trying to help things I couldn’t help.

Now that the waves are subsiding, I see them for what they were. All the terrible emotions I was holding back, all the air I was holding in my lungs while I drowned. But I’m alive now, with a small amount of new pages held under me like a driftwood raft, and I’m well on my way to dry land.



Todd Rogers