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After the campaign ended, all that was left was new. New beginnings, and new friends. New goals and new plans…

Josh, Lauren, Sakroka and I would like the thank everyone of you. As personally a mass email will allow. We did not expect the excitement, love and support you girls and guys all brought to our lives.

We tried to make a lot of money so we could publish a game. Instead we got a community.

I can’t begin to tell you how honestly happy and excited we are to find new friends, new fans, and other people who just want to sit down and play this game we love playing. It was never our intention to do anything except beg people to try our game and not hate us for asking.

Look what we did. And when I say we, I mean you.

Unfunded campaign? That’s fine. I can’t tell you how many messages I received daily from people thanking and begging us to continue doing something we already loved doing.

And we ain’t gonna let you down. A game cannot last without players who care to treasure it. People who want to keep it alive, if only y playing it alone or sharing it with friends. You lot have already done this. Along with us. So many times over. Together we will be the guardians of this game.

We will be The Weather Guard.

And just like those hopeful knights who made plans to protect the world they loved, we will have plans as well.

~ PLAN B ~ 

New Website/ Active Forums

We’re going to redesign our website into something past a static page it will have an active forum where we can keep up the news, banter, and the storytelling that so many of us participated in during The Kickstarter.

The Forum should be up by the end of The Winter. And assuming you signed up to the mailing list, you will have early access.

Lauren has asked to be “forum god” so ya’ll better mind her.

The new site will also have a very nice eShop. Why? I’ll tell you.

Full Game PnP

The entire game. Print and Play files for every damn card. And how much does it cost? Whatever you want. Spell Saga will be there, and Realmwalker too.

We will be utilizing the age old pay what you-want-method. The whole focus of this new site is to generate enough money to help us launch Kickstarter again someday. The more money we make beforehand, the more realistically low we can set the Kickstarter goal.

But that’s not all.

Spell Saga is now worldwide. So we decided our game should be as well. All PnP Files will be available in your choice of English, Portuguese, or Japanese.

And that’s just to start.

Our good friends Pistoleiro Do Diabo & Nathan Ives will be the lead translators for Portuguese and Japanese language editions. Pistoleiro (Dual) lives in Portugal and was kind enough to offer the very first week after we launched. Nathan studies Japanese, has lived in Japan and is continuing his studies on Asian business and law.

And you can help. The forums will be set up for everyone to see the translation process as it occurs. Disagree with a choice we made? Help us! Speak another language and want to lead a translation? We hope you will.

Please remember Lauren is our one and only beautiful, brilliant artist. And I am the only motherfucker dumb enough to design the game and photoshop all these cards. (That Japanese ooh, boy God bless Nathan and his patience.)

Look for the PnP files to be ready by Summer Those of you signing up for The Weather Guard should have Deck 2 by the middle of Spring. The translated files might take awhile longer, but Deck 1 should be done by Spring as well.

But what about the game? You ask. You didn’t come here to waste ink and cut cards for three hours. You wanted an actual game.

Physical Copies of The Game

Yep. We’re gonna do it.

We found a way to make the game, all 350+ cards. But it’s very expensive. It will cost us at least (at least!) fifty bucks a copy, and the packaging will have to change. The rulebooks will not be in color. But it will have every card. Full color. Double Sided. Rounded Corners with Grey Core middle. We’re calling these editions “Zero Editions” and we’ll only be selling them until we can Kickstart again.

We think the price will be 100.00 This way every copy we send and ship out will help us toward our goal of mass production.

These will be autographed and come with something very special:

The Spell Saga prologue was a 20 card deck in the first original playtest edition of Spell Saga. It was meant to teach new players the game, and told of how The Last Minstrel received his Rusted Revolver (Tome. The revolver’s name is Tome.) We are going to redo this prologue deck, and add some snazz and glitter. It will tell some very cool, very important parts of the beginning of the story. And we’re only ever printing it once.

Just for the Zero Edition boxed sets.

For those of you hoping for physical cards (and don’t want to shell out 100 smacks) We’re gonna do Realmwalker too. And it will be much cheaper.

International backers we know $100 US currency is quite—quite a lot. And if our campaign showed you anything, it’s that we’ll do our best to figure out a special option for you.

The Zero Edition boxed sets should be available no later than Summer. But what if you want to play the game, but you’re not sure about spending that much money? We have a cool plan for that too.

The Ostrich Express

After the site launches, and the game is ready to ship out, we’ll have a sign-up form for The Ostrich Express on our website. When enough people sign up, we’ll send out a physical copy of the game along with a journal to record what happened when you play it. Each week whoever received the game will ship it to the next address on the Ostrich Express list. The journal will grow and each new person will gain the experience of whoever played it last.

Yes we know some people will just keep the game. Yes, we have a plan.

But some of you want to do more. You asked if you could share the game for us at conventions, or card shops. You asked us how you could help. And we came up with an idea.

Join The Branch Knights

You’ll hear all about The Branch knights once you play Spell Saga: Realmwaker. But this isn’t about those fabled forest heroes.

This is about you, being the branch to our Spell Saga tree. Next year, around the fall, we’ll have sign up sheets to join The Branch Knights. Doing so will give you a test deck and tee shirt. We’ll work with you to help you share the game at conventions, card shops, local game names. Wherever you care to recruit more people into our friendship kingdom. The logistics still need to be worked out on this one. But I know how many of you wanted to help and I think it would be lovely to have those of you who want to be more involved.

Shirts? you want a special shirt but don’t want to join any Branch knights?

Merch Store

We will have shirts. Really, really cool shirts. They are already halfway designed and just waiting for me to have more time.

There will be art prints. There will be posters.

There will design journals, and art books.

We will have stuff for you to enjoy. And all the money will go toward funding the game (and also Lauren who works so hard for free in between college and real life that we’ll be splitting our merch donations with her.

We will also have special alternate art cards in the shop as well.

And wow. That is a lot. But it’s not enough. We already have this wonderful community. But it should be allowed to grow.


Josh & I will be recording a bi-weekly podcast called Work & Play. We will talk about the game, game design, and just drink beer and say hello to all of you. Sakroka will be on it, I’m sure. And Lauren too. Perhaps Josh will even share a little bit about his new game, which is way better than anything I ever made.

We’ll also be continuing our internet graffiti of cool pics, the design blog will continue to be updated, and perhaps most importantly, we will be paying for reviews.

And more videos! And a finished WikiFAQ!

So that’s plan B. Another whole year of Spell Saga. Another four season for us to spend together, The Weather Guard.

Again, you can sign up for early access here:

I would like to thank my wife, my sweetheart, the coolest person I ever met Meagen Crawford for putting up with me doing this for a whole damn year of our life together. Hope and faith in yourself are fine, but having it come from someone you adore will change you and everything you do. Thank-you, Darling. 0.

And to you, the Fans. the Friends. The Weather Guard:

Writing stories leads to unexpected moments. Just like playing a game does.

Making things and sharing them both feel the same. Both lead to unexpected moments.

The point isn’t the fame or fortune. The point is finishing, and sharing. So you can see what moments it will bring.

We get so bent out of our shapes, making and sharing things, that we sometimes look down at the wrong shadows.

But look up. Keep making, and sharing. We do not know what moments will come next.


Todd Rogers