Just got an email confirming the arrival dates for the Shenzhen shipment (assuming everything goes constantly well)--we should be receiving 50-something cartons of Spell Saga on or around July 29th. The plan is to have Cousin Lauren swing up to Nashville and help me autograph/plan for deck 3 and etc. sometime after that. My hope/goal/prayer/wish to to make sure everyone has everything they ordered and more BEFORE the 4 year anniversary of the Kickstarter (that's in October, in case ya don't recall that ancient era). In the meantime, there is a LOT to do, including the one-of-a-kind Paladin level cards promised during the 2015 New Language Launch. These were originally going to be hand drawn, until I realized it would be much more exciting for everyone to have a 1 of a kind unique holofoil that only they could use (they way they could read the rules too, my handwriting is not worth anyone's time). I was actually in the middle of designing these one-of-a-kinds when I got the shipment dates. This is the final look for the (hero) Paladin Level cards. You'll be getting at LEAST one of these packaged randomly with your stuff if you backed either Kickstarter (2014/2015) at a Weatherguard Level! OR EVERYTHING WILL GO WRONG AND THE WORLD WILL END.

Todd Rogers