I was interviewed?!

Morten from BBG blog Thematic Solitaires for the Spare Time Challenged Gave me a damn interview. His questions were so good.

Morten: Could you start by telling us about Spell Saga from a thematic solitaire and spare time challenged point of view?

Todd: Spell Saga takes place in a medieval/western Post apocalyptic world where most the history and lore seems to have been lost or buried in secrecy. Because it’s played with decks of cards, you don’t have to finish the whole game in one play. In fact we would recommend you not do so! 

Morten: Your description of the setting together with what I’ve seen about the game makes me think of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series – have you been inspired by those books?

Todd: Not on purpose. I don’t think you can’t take from that series after you read it. The western part creeped in by accident. We had a haunted revolver (from another older story of mine) and a “good” prostitute. And of course a man with no name: “The Last Minstrel” (who was obviously wearing some sort of serape) …but I still don’t think we realized it was a western until my cousin Lauren (the artist) and I began to design the clothing each character would wear. In the end we mixed American Old West with British Dark Ages and ended up with the look of the game. So the story choices informed the fashion, which strengthened the genre, which is a long winded way of saying once you read The Dark Tower it sort of bleeds into everything, forever.


Todd Rogers