long live the late night wars of callus youth

I have worked on this game since I was a child. 1996 to 2014. These pics are from a test version I worked on with Sakroka & Paxson of Ashgarden, in 2010. The game was always fun, but this is when it started to get good. I did the illustrations myself, pretending to be a girl named Blueberry Jones. (Because I did not want to be an illustrator).

The game was called Epic for longer than I can remember. Then we changed it to Chain-Spell. Then we changed the game, and it went from fun to play and good, to great and holy shit. (you might have heard us talk about it on the third podcast). It is now called Epoch. And I guess this is as close to an official announcement ya’ll are gonna get!

(we’re too busy to pour time into it now. But seeming as 2016 is the 20 year anniversary of the game you can expect some announcements before then).

Todd Rogers