Weshoyot Alvitre just sent me these pics of her finishing the inks up for our game Epoch! Those of you who enjoyed episode 03 of Work & Play would remember this game has been in development since 1996.

Weshoyot and I have tried to work on many project together since I met her in 2006 on Myspace. We’ve spent four years busy and keeping in touch. She not only kept the card art we started in 2010, but somehow held onto the print-outs of my original emails and the edits we talked about over Facebook in the last almost half a decade.

My favorite thing about these pictures is when we started working on them we were both about 25 or 26 and no I’m thirty and her daughters Duplo blocks are on the bedspread in the pictures.

Epoch!! It’s happening!

postscript: for those of you who played the original versions of Spell Saga, the Thief in the bottom right of the photoset was the pic we used for the Folk cards!

Todd Rogers