The Massive Update ~ Summer 2014

This is originally from the Spell Saga side of things, but it’s all about how I spent the last six months of my life, so it belongs here too:



Massive Update: How I spent my Summer.

It’s been awhile. Let us break bread, or break dance, or whatever it is you do to celebrate within your halls. Perhaps we should drink outside before the rains come. There are people in this castle we mustn’t wake, I shall sing softly. Listen:

This is your massive update. It has been a long time coming. But this is also MY massive update as well. These things are good for me! They really are.

I am trying to type faster than I can think. I don’t know how else to get all the Spell Saga info out there. this is basically a six month roundup. The weight of these paragraphs might sink us all. Have a healing potion ready. Or a rope. God, please tell me someone brought rope.

You know there are a lot of ways to keep you girls and guys updated. And I am constantly half worried—in a writing sort of way—how best to keep it up. How do I keep the information pleasant yet ever present?

While it is true both Josh and I went off the radar for quite a bit while pulling the disparate threads of Plan B together, I still want this design blog to mean something—and I want the second Weather Report to mean something else. The Twitter updates…the Facebook messages, the Instagram pics…they all mean different things to me.

Perhaps to the outside casual skoffer it would seem we produce a cyclone of teeth numbing sugar grit. A sandstorm of pointless screams out of the darkness.

“Not so!” I hear a young man in the back proclaiming (thanks kid, you’ll have that quarter after the show)

What we aim to do, is excite and inspire. Having you people give a shit about the things we do makes us want to include you while we make them. I know those of you who gladly wear the badge of Weatherguard already know this. but I see some new faces. And you should know we share communion in this here church. And the communion ain’t the blood of a beloved deity or even a sip of Welch’s. No, son. It’s Progress. Bits and pieces of progress. We are building mountains. And we want all ya’ll to see us do it.

So here is a massive update that I promised on Facebook, in case a few of you or even all of you don’t follow us on the Twitter, or check our pictures out on the gram (it’s what picture addicts call instagram)(It’s also how graham cracker addicts refer to any meeting place with other “crumbs”)(“crumbs is how graham cracker addicts refer to each other.)

Here is the last six months of our game design. Maybe don’t read it all in one sitting.

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