Two Weeks of Game Design

August 2010

I was up ‘til midnight last night. Finishing the Spells.

I have a full beard now, the end product of two weeks of nothing but thoughts about magic and mechanics. My novel is orphaned across a sea of despair, my eyes are burned with glyphs and numbers.

It feels like I have not seen my friends in weeks. I miss them. Nor have I shut my eyes long enough for it to matter. Or had enough time to ponder the merits of using a word like “nor”.

But there’s only 5 cards left, and then, tomorrow, I will print them out. I will print out the special artwork Blueberry Jones did for the boxes (on sticker paper!), and I will drive the forty minutes to the Bread Forge (our headquarters), and French Toast will have it’s first proper gaming session.

I am exhausted, sore, and ecstatic. Let the games begin.


Todd Rogers