Each of the three main decks of Spell Saga has Bonus Cards that are intended to be shuffled into play at the beginning of a game.These bonus cards are printed in various quantities, over the course of a limited course of time. Once a deck has reached end of its bonus cycle, no more bonus cards will be printed for it (The Deck One ~ The Forest Bonus Cycle is 1 card, from 2018 to ongoing).


2018/2019 First Bonus Card

In 2013 Spell Saga was attempted as a fundraiser on Kickstarter. An effort which eventually succeeded in the fall of 2014. When the project took four years to send out to patrons, it was decided to send everyone a special bonus card for Deck Two ~ The Forest. 500 of these cards were printed.

*The Spell-Song card Song of Misremembered Skies is the second of three cards in a Collectible Content pack which spans all three main Spell Saga decks.