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Spell Saga can be purchased as physical decks of cards from our online shop, or downloaded as PnP files to be printed at home or a local print shop. Spell Saga first entered the world as a 99 card downloadable PnP file in 2013. We make our files available in this manner because we believe it is the best way for new players to find our games.

Both the base set of Spell Saga (Deck One ~ The Highlands) & the first Spell Saga: Realmwalker set are available for free. To download a file, simply select which language you prefer below. Note: Rulebooks may be downloaded separately in the Rulebooks section.



Terms & Conditions

1 The purchase of this file entitles the purchaser to (1) download of said file.*

*we’re not monsters if you lose the file just contact us.

2A The purchase of this file entitles the purchaser to print said file at home or through a copy & print shop.**

**This just mean you are allowed to print the PDF files onto cardstock or photo paper, either on a home printer, or through a shop like Fedex.

2B The purchase of this file doe not entitle the purchaser to print the files through any commercial trading card or game manufacturer.***

***we sell real physical decks of cards at better quality than these PDF files! If you want one, please buy it from us. We don’t need to be rich, but more money means we can print more cards! Uploading ten years of our hard work onto a Print-On-Demand site is strictly PROHIBITED.

3 The Purchaser of this file will not make multiple decks forcommercial profit.****

****You can print as many decks for yourself as you like. Everyone likes a back-up. And sharing you printed decks with friends is cool too. Just don’t make any money off of it. And uh…have them buy a tee shirt of something. Sheesh.