Act One was sees the band at their most commercial, songs like May You Absorb All Evil (track 2) is about as pop-punk as one could imagine, while Ash to Dust (track 3) sounds like someone wrote a country song in a haunted house. Still, standout single Vera (track 7) has all the hallmarks and merits of top 40 radio. these hook-friendly songs are also surrounded by bits of more experimental craft—the sort of ideas a band starts to include on a third or even fifth album (the result of a lengthy and problem-plagued recording process).

Act Two starts with another trio of grunge friendly pop songs, each more ready for radio than the last—including Mad-at-Dad anthem 6 Pack, Nice Abs(tinence)! (track 09), Billboard ready It’s Only February (track 10) and classic album staple: “the song that should have been a single” Die Right Here (track 11)—each of these proving  why the band has been compared as much to a Charlie Brown Christmas Special as they have Dinosaur Jr. 

Act Two also brings the listener to standout track Pick Up Your Tinsel (track 12) a lo-fi indie rock holiday anthem that perhaps showcases the band at their best: thoughtful, purposeful songwriting with clever ideas and simple lyrics.