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The world of Spell Saga is a vast history of interwoven moments. Spell Saga Realmwalker is a story-driven solitaire card game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world of fantasy. It contains themes of loss, identity & purpose. While tactical thinking and no small amount of skill are needed to advance through the games, they also encourage players to explore, rather than win. In this manner, the game is meant to be played multiple times. 

These standalone stories take place all over the Spell Saga timeline, from Before The World Ended, to After The Last Minstrel. Each Deck is a chance for players to enjoy new types of mechanics while delving deeper into the world of Spell Saga.

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All About ~ realmwalker ~

The main story of Spell Saga is about The Last Minstrel, a young man who searches for answers about how the world ended.

Spell Saga: Realmwalker are a set of self-contained Tabletop Novellas of integrated stories & advanced mechanics. It is up to the Player to decide how and where each stories fits into the grand narrative.

These integrated stories & advanced mechanics are necessary for any Player hoping to understand how the world ended. Spell Saga:

Realmwalker is available in English, in both PnP files & limited runs of physical editions. You can click the pics below to visit the individual pages of each product.