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Prelude: Science//Armor//Romance

Welcome to the world of Spell Saga: Realmwalker! This game represents the first act of The Lost & Found Trilogy.

Way out West, in the coldest part of the Wintery Woods lived the ghosts of songs he never played anymore. Join The Lost Minstrel, The Found Girl, & the elusive bassist known as The Stranger as they try their best to survive bad weather & bad habits.

Enjoy brand new gameplay mechanics, like Anchor Back, Current Coins, & Deck Reflect. Plus all new enemies, like the Again-Again, or Me-Wow-Wow!

You’ll need to find minerals, potions, snips & snails to finish this story alive! Good thing you’ll have a mechanical bug, and the help of The Branch Knights to guide you when times get rough (And oh, they will)!

Things must be remembered. Ghosts must never fade.Songs will keep you alive, now that the world is ending...