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Spell Saga is a solo-play story driven card game based in a high fantasy / medieval western world and set against themes of identity, loss, and purpose. The world has ended, and players will join The Last Minstrel as he searches for answers as to why this has occurred, and what part (if any) there for him to play past this demise.

Along the way he’ll encounter rare items, dangerous enemies, new friends and powerful spell-songs. 

The major plot of Spell Saga is always the same, but how you find it is up to you.

The “Basic Set” of the game is"Deck One ~ The Highlands", and further expands into "Deck Two ~ The Forest" (available now), before the story ends at "Deck 3 ~ The Caves" (coming soon). 

~ Advanced players will find their attentions rewarded with our ~ realmwalker ~ line of games, which are special “standalone” tabletop novellas designed to enhance the history and world of The Last Minstrel.

~ All Spell Saga decks are available to Print-at-Home as PnP files or in physical editions (while supplies last).

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…one of the most innovative and memorable solo player games that has been created. This game doesn’t feel like a “battle the deck” game. It is truly a story that unfolds with each turn of a card and each card is an excitement to come across. This game is astonishing.
— Jesse Peterson (dragonsoul101)
I wondered how do you win... And it became simple to me... How is any story/life “won”? You get to the next chapter, whatever that may be…I do not know how deep the intent of creating this game was... But it is beautiful... A rare happenstance of true art.
…when I play a chain of cards to, in a sense, reinvent the gameplay, if even for one round, it feels like I’m doing something not only revolutionary and unique, but also something [the creator] may have never intended, feel there is no wrong way to play the game.

~ The Prelude ~ 

Welcome to the world of Spell Saga! This stand-alone expansion of the game represents all you need to enjoy a 25 cad taste of The Last Minstrel & his story. This set is best enjoyed after Spell Saga Deck One ~ The Highlands has been played several times, and is meant to serve the player as a prologue to the events of The Last Minstrel's journey.

Here is the story of a boy named Lith, who lives in a village on The Heathers. Roam with him across the fields, from The High Steppes by the sea, to a place where The Heathers end, and The Highlands begin. Witness the beginning of Spell Saga unfold as Lith watches the town's very last minstrel ride off into the unknown. And see what happens next, when the storms arrive, and the waves churn up a box with something hidden inside...


Deck One ~ The Highlands 

Welcome to the world of Spell Saga! This Base Set of the game represents everything needed to enjoy the first chapter of The Last Minstrel & his journey to find the truth about how the world ended.

Armed with just a haunted revolver and broken instrument, you'll journey from The Crumbling Tower, across a landscape where every barrow and burrow leaves a chance to encounter enemies: perhaps a Goblin will point you in a new direction...or that Meow-Meow might steal your belongings. Better saddle up a Horned-Battlesnog, or board a Mechanical Ostrich (if you survive the day, there's a night's unrest at Lilly Mandrake's Gentleman's House waiting for you). Just make sure to learn some Spell-Songs (one of them might just summon a Paladin to help you!) and be sure you talk to every folk you; for it's they who remember the old tales, about the fall of The Weatherguard...and The Black God on The Shore.


Deck 1.5 ~ The Under Sky 

When you have stopped turning to count the footprints behind you, & the death of the world seems familiar, the sky will stain itself with will not move you; rain may fall upwards will not move you; the very ground will crawl, & you will fall asleep...& remain unmoved. Death means nothing, to those who no longer stare at The Under Sky. -The Poet Wivenhoe

Welcome back to the world of Spell Saga! This Base Set / Expansion represents a side-story in the life of The Last Minstrel. Deck 1.5 The Under Sky can be used as a sequel between Decks One ~ The Highlands & Deck Two ~ The Forest, or enjoyed as it’s own starting point (clever players may even find a secret path to Deck Three ~ The Caves)!

After a fallen comrade is laid to rest at a Stone Cairn, The Last Minstrel will have to use every bit of his wits to make it out of The Highlands alive. This journey will find a young musician tested to the limits of both ingenuity and sorrow, as he find the God Blade, visits the Altar of Horror, and breaks his way into five different Castle Crashers, searching for treasure in their bellies as the living keeps roam The Highlands beneath him.

(Coming Soon)

…uses cards and card combos the likes of which I’ve never seen before in a game…While the overall gameplay itself is familiar and not particularly revolutionary, the mechanisms built into the cards are staggeringly complex and nuanced, bordering even on madness…The game itself evokes feelings of isolation, helplessness, and frustration. …This is a solo experience for players who enjoy sitting down in a leather recliner to read a book on an overcast Saturday afternoon.
— Scott Sexton

Deck Two ~ The Forest 

Welcome back to the world of Spell Saga! This Expansion represents the second act of The Last Minstrel's story. You will need a copy of Deck One ~ The Highlands to enjoy this game.

In a place where the sun and moon dance to their own rhythm, if either is seen beneath the leaves, journey into The Forest with The Last Minstrel & his gathered Band of Heroes. In this enchanted maze you’ll find a fox that follows in the daylight, and get chased by Gemstungs, Behemoss, & Coglins. At night you may just find a wizard in hiding, or a magic mask to take you up into Other Heaven. There is talk here of one last Weatherguard in waiting; search for him and the Polished revolver, find the harp and play the Fox-Songs as you discover each of the three Golden Circles. This is The Forest, and you will not survive.


The damn thing is genius.
— Avri Klemer
Hauntingly Poetic.
— Ed Grabianowski
It’s very touching in a way I can’t really describe.
— Zach Phoenix