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All About Spell Saga

The main story of Spell Saga is told in three acts, with each act split into a deck of cards. The story involves The Last Minstrel, who is searching the world for answers about how the world ended. Deck One ~ The Highlands serves as the Base Set of the game. The rest of the story is told through a limited number of expansions. These include Deck Two ~ The Forest & Deck Three ~ The Caves.

Advanced players will find a challenge with ~ The Prelude ~ (an optional standalone beginning to the game) and ~ The Endlude ~ (accessible only to those who have completed Decks 1 - 3).

For Players craving even more mechanics, dynamics and lore, the optional Decks 1.5 & 1.2 will be released this year.

Spell Saga is available in several languages, in both PnP files & limited runs of physical editions. You can click the pics below to visit the individual pages of each product.

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