Spell Saga Deck 2 ~ The Forest PNP TEST

Spell Saga Deck 2 ~ The Forest PNP TEST


Expansion Set //75 cards

Digital Edition (infinite units worldwide)

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Expansion Set //75 cards

First Edition (1500 units worldwide)

Welcome back to the world of Spell Saga! This Expansion represents the second act of The Last Minstrel's story. You will need a copy of Deck One ~ The Highlands to enjoy this game.

In a place where the sun and moon dance to their own rhythm, journey into The Forest with The Last Minstrel & his gathered Band of Heroes. In this enchanted maze you’ll find a fox that follows in the daylight, and a wizard watching in the night. Beware new enemies, like the Gemstung, Behemoss, & Coglins! And find new treasures, like a magic mask to take you to Other Heaven. There is talk in The Forest of one last Weatherguard in hiding. search for him and the Polished revolver, find the harp and play the Fox-Songs as you discover each of the three Golden Circles. This is The Forest, and you will not survive.

Contains the following cards: LINK


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