Deck 1 ~ The Highlands (1st Edition)

Deck 1 ~ The Highlands (1st Edition)


Base Set //100 cards

First Edition (1200 units worldwide)

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Base Set //100 cards // First Edition (1200 units worldwide)

Welcome to the world of Spell Saga! This Base Set of the game represents everything a player needs to enjoy the first chapter of The Last Minstrel & his journey to find the truth of how the world ended.

Armed with a haunted revolver and broken instrument, you'll journey from The Crumbling Tower of The Highlands, across a landscape where every barrow and burrow leaves a chance to encounter enemies: perhaps a Goblin will point you in a new direction...or that Meow-Meow might steal your belongings. Better saddle up a Horned-Battlesnog, or board a Mechanical Ostrich (if you survive the day, there's a night's unrest at Lilly Mandrake's waiting for you). Just make sure to learn some Spell-Songs (one of them might just summon a Paladin to help you!) and be sure you talk to every folk you find; it is they who remember the old tales, about the fall of The Weatherguard...and The Black God on The Shore.

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