HOLOFOIL Highlands pack

HOLOFOIL Highlands pack


Expansion Set//4 cards

Limited Edition (1500 units worldwide*)

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Expansion Set//4 cards//(1500 units worldwide*)

Take your hope & horror to the next level with The Highlands 4 holofoil card expansion set. This set comes with a new HERO card to help you gather ITEM cards quicker (Meow-Meow Treasure Slayer), a HEROES card to help your Bands of Heroes (Band of Two), a new Starting card to test your prowess with all odds stacked against you (Battle-Damaged Last Minstrel), and a new starting HERO which changes the rules of the game (They of The Choir).

For use with Deck 1 ~ The Highlands Base Set.

*These cards were printed and gifted to patrons of the 2014/2015 Fundraisers. There are 1500 sets of these cards in existence. Once we sell out they will never be reprinted again in English.

Contains the following cards: