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Todd Michael Rogers started designing games at six years old, and by age nine was promising friends he could build them cardboard analog video games. In 1996 he was in the seventh grade (US) and made his first card game, which he continued to work on "every decade or so" often enlisting the help of his friends Sakroka & Paxson of Ashgarden. This first game eventually became the first of it's kind--a tabletop card game that allows for an infinite amount of players. And after twenty+ years, EPIOCH is set for release in 2019, with illustrations by the illustrious Weshoyot Alvitre.

In December of 2009 Todd began work on a project that would soon consume the next decade of his life; a solitaire card game that would allow the player to experience the emotional journey of both a fantasy book and JRPG. This became Spell Saga, a game illustrated by his cousin Lauren Rogers, and self-described as "the world's first tabletop novel". After three years of work, and play-testing from both Sakroka & a friend named Joshua Rizzo, Spell Saga was released as a PnP in May of 2013, and was successfully crowdfunded in October of the following year. In the Fall of 2018, four years later, physical copies of the first editions were sent out across the world.

Spell Saga is a story which spans across several decks of cards, but can also be enjoyed by more advanced players through shorter novella-ish length decks called ~realmwalkers~.

spell saga

GAME LENGTH: 20 min. - 3 hrs. (per deck & dependent upon bonus cards)

When the World Ended. . .

All that was left was missing, or broken. . . Broken hearts & broken roads, missing loves & lost purpose. . . It was the musicians who left to search for clues. The minstrels & bards with their magical songs, riding off into the sunset to seek out a miracle. But that was long ago. . .Now there is one Last Minstrel, Searching for answers. . . Searching for hope. . .

Spell Saga is a story-driven card game for one player only. No more waiting for friends, no need for electricity. The world has ended! Travel through The Highlands and Forest as The Last Minstrel, searching for answers on a mechanical ostrich. There is no "grinding" in the game; players will grow by exploring the world around them. The major acts of Spell Saga are always the same, but how you get there–and if you survive–is up to you.

The base game is packaged as "Deck One ~ The Highlands", and further expands into "Deck Two ~ The Forest" (now available & sold separately) before the story ends at "Deck 3 ~ The caves" (coming soon). All Spell Saga decks are available to Print-at-home as PnP files or in physical editions (while supplies lat).

For more advanced gaming without necessary sequels, the Spell Saga ~ realmwalker ~ line will soon be available in PnP files  or physical editions.